Science Lab

Full of Mysteries

The most mystical area of any school, our science lab is equipped with modern and scientific equipment and tools that are needed for performing various experiments. Besides this, we take utmost precautions and support to ensure that the experiments are done under vigilance and that students do not hurt themselves.


The knowledge hub

The knowledge hub of any school where minds are re-filled with knowledge and wisdom. Our library is the real treasure of our school and is rich in hundreds of books, encyclopedias covering a wide range of subjects & topics to cater to the academic & intellectual needs of our students.

Computer Lab

New Digital Generation

The world belongs to those who can handle the technology at their fingertips. To pace up with the advancing technology, we have built our computer lab with the latest computer systems and supporting devices to help students learn and exploit technology for their betterment.

Social Studies Lab

Molecules of Society

A unique area in our school premises, it is for those minds who are inclined towards the society and social living.

Maths Lab

Mathematics Geniuses

Make numbers your best friends and you will never lag behind. While mathematics is a tough subject for a majority of students, we at AHCS try making it fun to learn. We help our students learn and comprehend mathematics through interesting activities that revolve around the various concepts of this subject.

Digital classrooms

Digital classrooms

Acquiring knowledge isn't just enough to stand ahead; you need additional smartness to beat the competition. We help our students develop their personality and communication skills through our smart classes that included various activities, assessments, and tests to achieve the same.


Brain Development Programme

Brain development is a critical part of every student's developmental journey. Our Abacus classes help students with enhancing their speed of arithmetic calculation, develops an ability to utilize their left and right brain functions simultaneously, increase visualization and logical understanding.

Language Lab

To infinity and beyond!

Ability to speak in a language other than the native one enables us to communicate and serve people better. We organize regular foreign language learning sessions for our students where they get the opportunity one or more foreign languages according to their interest.


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