Principal Envisions

“Success is not so far if we are determined to achieve it.”

Being a part of this school, I want to make it the best place of learning. As I believe in the saying that Geniuses are not born they are created and we have to create these geniuses. But it can’t be possible without the efforts of our management, our staff, our students and not even without the co-operation of parents. So I hope all those who are attached with this temple of learning would co-operate with me and would provide me support in every sphere to make this school the best school of the area.

Every year school gives good result of board classes and school students get good result of their hard work in their future. They reach to the top glories and raise the height of this school as well as their teachers & parents. These achievements give me also a sense of dedication to my job. As I believe proper timely guidance can prevent a child from being betray from his/her path that lead to reach his/her destination.

Hope in coming future with the co-operation of all, the school will prosperous and get its top position in near about areas with the sense of making the future, bright of all the students.

With Best Wishes & Regards
Ms. Amrita Singh

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Guest Speakers

“What a great visit I had to Angel Heart! The students could not have been so patient or more welcoming.
They were an impressive and admirable bunch. I was impressed by the curiosity and sweetness they
expressed. I didn't know that students were so excited about mathematics. I was welcomed with frequent
questions. What an enthusiastic day! Also, the staff was very kind and generous. It was a real honor to