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Established on 13th April 2001, A.H.C.S has been a synonym for quality education since then. We are undoubtedly a pioneer in offering higher education that fosters an all-round development of our students. We are a complete package of academics as well as extra-curriculum to ensure that our students do not lag behind in any aspect of their life. The rambling school building, peaceful ambiance in and around, and a disciplined approach of the management blend perfectly to offer an atmosphere for our students to focus on learning and growth. We have also extended our boundaries and included Medical, Non-Medical, Arts and Commerce streams with other relevant courses so that our students get everything they need under one umbrella. We also provide all the best possible amenities including spacious classrooms, playground, activity rooms, seminar halls, library, computer lab, adequate transportation services, etc. considering the overall comfort of our students.

In a world torn by differences in various realms, we at A.H.C.S try to unlock new ways for our nation's future to grow and evolve, and open doors for unending opportunities.

New Programms
We keep on enhancing our horizons in various aspects to offer the best educational experience to our children. Introducing new programs on a regular basis has been a part of our developmental regime.
Expert Faculty
A teacher lays the foundation for the students' future. With this belief, we appoint qualified teachers that are knowledgeable and experienced in their respective streams.
Education system
We practice a mix of the traditional and contemporary approach of offering education. While classroom learning is the foundation of our education system incorporating modern ways like audio-video learning, presentations etc.

Mission Vision

To help students achieve brilliance in various forms of learning within the classroom and beyond. To bring back an element of joy and comfort to school that would nudge our students to grow into full bloom. And to empower our teachers to guide their students through various means to construct knowledge in them.

Angel Heart Convent Sen. Sec. School aims to become a premier modern school of higher education known for excellence in teaching, learning and research and recognized for its diversity. Our core values have always been and will be based on learning, freedom, tolerance and experimentation.

Message from our Leaders

Adv. Karan Sharma Chairman

For most children, going to school is a historic milestone in their lives. It is a place that plays one of the most important roles in their physical, mental and emotional development. School is a place where children learn, where character is moulded, where values are in calculated and the future citizens of the world are groomed to face life's challenge.

Dr. Ashok Sharma Director

Education equipps the children for future it is with time honoured values that student can be prepared to face all the challenges thatlife has in store for them. At Angel Heart Convent School all the efforts are made to implant values in the impressionable minds of the students. They are made morally so strong that the wave of distraction does not leave its impact

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma Manager

The school has been making consistent growth with hard work of dedicated principal and staff. Here teachers are the real mentors who prepare the students not only for their examination but for their entire life. I request all to join us in our mission of producing the towering citizen of tomorrow who strive with a missionary zeal to prepare themselves for the future.

Guest Speakers

“What a great visit I had to Angel Heart! The students could not have been so patient or more welcoming.
They were an impressive and admirable bunch. I was impressed by the curiosity and sweetness they
expressed. I didn't know that students were so excited about mathematics. I was welcomed with frequent
questions. What an enthusiastic day! Also, the staff was very kind and generous. It was a real honor to



Write to us or call regarding your queries about our school, admissions, facilities, etc. We are here to solve all your confusions! You can also give us your valuable suggestions and views towards the development of our school. We'll get back to you as early as possible!

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School Virtual Tour

Traverse through our world of learning, growing, and fun! This virtual tour will give you a glimpse of lifestyle at the Angel Heart school. In the virtual tour, you can see our high school classrooms, courtyard, laboratories, library, and activity areas. Also get a sneak peek of our elementary playground and an early childhood classroom. Don't forget to take a look at our faculty members, playful kids, genius students, and how they enjoy their time here.

We also encourage you to visit our school and see for yourselves and witness the wonderful sights and sounds of our school in action. Interested in visiting our school, make an appointment by registering here. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Client Testimonials

"I feel so blessed each day that my kids go to the AngelHeart School. Everything is simply so perfect here.
You people have managed to do what seemed impossible to me for my kids' education."

Rohit Sharma

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