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The World of Genius Welcome to the Explore the School Angel Heart School


A premium school having purpose-built and offers
a world class standards from Nursery to Grade 12th.

It is not only about quality of learning and teaching but also about creating a warm, enthusiastic and exciting environment in which young people can learn to succeed.

Our educational programmes
are designed to:

Foster in all students a keen interest in learning and in striving for the highest level of achievement

Help our students acquire the knowledge and life skills relevant for the dynamically changing world

Instil in our students highest standards of behaviour and sensitivity to good human values

Maintain frequent and open relation with parents in recognition that education is a partnership

Offer a range of activities and opportunities to promote excellence, success, confidence and self-esteem in our student


- Principal's Message

To be the pre-eminent centre of learning in the country producing future leaders with global prospective and an Indian ethos

Our Vision

To provide the highest quality of education in a safe, secure and nurturing environment to help our students develop into progressive thinkers and lifelong bearers of skills that will prepare them for the challenges of a dynamically changing world.

Our Mission

To provide individual attention and opportunities to faster integrative, innovative and critical thinking in our students so as to make them knowledge seekers who attain their maximum potential through an enjoyable learning process.

Admission Process

Thank you for visiting the Online Registration for Admissions for Nursery To 12th STD of Angel Heart School . Please note that this is only a registration for admission and this process does not guarantee admission.