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About Us

About Us


About Us

A premium school having purpose-built
and offers a world class standards from Nursery to Grade 12th.

It is not only about quality of learning and teaching but also about creating a warm, enthusiastic and exciting environment in which young people can learn to succeed.

Our educational programmes are designed to:

Foster in all students a keen interest in learning and in striving for the highest level of achievement

Help our students acquire the knowledge and life skills relevant for the dynamically changing world

Instil in our students highest standards of behaviour and sensitivity to good human values

Maintain frequent and open relation with parents in recognition that education is a partnership

Offer a range of activities and opportunities to promote excellence, success, confidence and self-esteem in our student


Angel Heart School, Dharamkkot is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Which is the largest educational board in the country and is duly recognized by the Department of Education, Government of India.


CBSE has a World Class curriculum, over 100 schools in 20 countries around the world offer only CBSE education. Over 4000 independent (private) schools in India offer CBSE curriculum, from total of 7000 CBSE schools. CBSE has latest curriculum having implemented excellence practices from around the world. CBSE offer latest brilliant initiatives such as Entrepreneurship, Bio-technology, Fashion Studies, Life Sciences and Disaster Management in its curriculum. Students who study in CBSE system are well prepared to compete in national entrance exams such as All India Engineering (CET) and All India Medical Sciences (AIMS) exams or exams from any other country such as SAT. Besides, CBSE board too conducts over 25 national level entrance exams for diverse streams. Students with CBSE education are very well prepared to compete for admissions to world’s leading universities. A Media Report recently stated that out of the total successful admissions into IITs, 60% of the students have done their schooling in CBSE curriculum.