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“An Ounce of Performance Is Worth Pounds Of Promises.”

We welcome to Angel Heart Convent School with a promise to convert your children become confident and all rounder. The Angel’s learning system is created by known educationalists and experts of different subjects. We believe in deep rooted Indian values and rich culture integrated with a global mindset. Our policies represent a vibration and sensitivity to the needs of all who keep interest.

We yearn to endow our students with skills that will help them excel in life and shape their future. The Angel learning system is distinctive pedagogy supported and directed by the distinguished teaching professionals.

Processes have been streamlined, stranded operating procedures have been laid down and the school has acquired greater recall and robustness and we have progressed positively on academics and operational performance basis. We have got the place of successful academic institution in the locality. This school plays a prominent role in the empowerment of students to meet the demands of changing world scenario.

Innovative techniques, team work and quality education are the identity symbols of institution. Due to IT efforts our school could reach the zenith in the field of digital excellence.

We focus at balanced and harmonious development based on judicious mix of academic, creative art and co-curricular activities. Our achievement in the field of sports and games is colossal with National awards in Cricket and Power Lifting. These awards are repeatedly achieved to compete with the world. The academic programs are interwoven with values of discipline , holistic learning, value education and social environment very closely.

We are determined to grow step by step to make students understand the world.

Wish for the addition of feathers in Angel Heart’s cap.

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